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Special Education Preschool

Monday-Friday  8:10-11:30



Monday-Friday 8:10-1:05


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Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri  8:10-2:39

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Today: 4/24/14

APEX Funrun

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Have you filled out your family volunteer form yet? Just a few hours from every family will help us do amazing things. Fill out the form now at http://goo.gl/LBBkXc .


Universal School Phrases

Bathroom: Go/Flush/Wash/Leave

Line Up Walking on Campus: Hair/Stare/Walk/Not Talk

Fire Drill: Silent/Calm/Walk/Sit/Listen

Buying Lunch: Wait/Get/Sit

Assembly-Check Your 5: Body/Brains/Eyes/Ears/Mouth

Leaving Lunch:  Get the OK/Trash or Tray/On Your Way/Then Play

Peaceful Playground: Walk/Talk/Rock,Paper,Scissors

Earthquake Drill: Drop/Cover/Hold


Bullying Definition-- The actions of a student are INTENTIONAL, REPEATED, and HURTFUL acts, words, or other behavior which occurs in a relationship where there is an IMBALANCE OF POWER.

Please know that the teachers and administration take "bullying" incidents very seriously.  And want to remind you that there is a difference between playground conflicts and "bullying".


SVUSD does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic group, race, ancestry, national origin, religion, color or disability in any program or activity. 




Upcoming Events


April 18 & April 21- No students


April 25th- Apex Funrun


April 7- May 16th- CAASPP


Garden Grove Families,

Garden Grove has talent! The Variety Show was a success!

As you all know State Testing is no longer called the CST but is now called the CAASPP. Simi Valley's testing window is ...more

Garden Grove's Got Talent!




Look at what people are saying about our school at www.greatschools.org !  Write your own review! 


Champs at School (GROWL)

Get started with a positive attitude


Respect yourself and others


Offer kindness and encouragement


Work hard and be responsible


Listen and learn

Peaceful Playground

Peaceful Playground is a new program that was purchased with part of last year’s jog-a-thon money.  It has several components that have made it successful, and we believe that Garden Grove is the FIRST in Simi Valley to purchase the program rights.  Peaceful Playground is designed to put an end to most playground conflicts that take the fun out of games, while teaching students important life skills. Six key principles of a Peaceful Playground include:

  1. Teaching students a consistent universal set of rules so that there are fewer disagreements
  2. Teaching new games to all students so there are more choices. (Check out Four Corners!)
  3. Teaching all students skills to solve conflicts (walk/talk/rock, paper, scissors)
  4. Providing adequate equipment (new equipment has been purchased for each grade level)
  5. Providing universal consistent expectations and positive reinforcement for good sportsmanship
  6. Marking the playground with new age appropriate games (more to be completed soon)
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Simi Valley Education Foundation

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PTA Arts Attack

McDonald's on Tapo Canyon

Zonta ...more

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Discovery Opportunities at Garden Grove

Principal Feinstein

Principal Feinstein

Principal's Note

As a CHAMPS school, "Every day is a GROWL of a day!"

This is a truly amazing year and I feel fortunate to be part of the Garden Grove community consisting of enthusiastic, well-trained staff that are ...more

Garden Grove's Wish List


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