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Special Education Preschool

Monday-Friday  8:10-11:30



Monday-Friday 8:10-1:05


Grades 1st - 6th

Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri  8:10-2:39

Thurs 8:10-1:05

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Today: 9/18/14
8:10 AM Minimum Day school ends at 1:05

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California Common Core Standards



President: Sara Gerber

1st Vice President - Programs: Abbey Blake

2nd Vice President - Membership: Annie Robinson

3rd Vice President - Ways and Means: Sherri Decker

Secretary: Shannon Langbehn

Treasurer: Jared Hays

Auditor: Mery Nunez

Historian: XXXX

PTA News

Welcome to Garden Grove Elementary IMPACT Academy!

My name is Sara Gerber and I have the honor of being the Garden Grove PTA President for the 2014-2015 school year. I have three children, two here ...more

Universal School Phrases

Bathroom: Go/Flush/Wash/Leave

Line Up Walking on Campus: Hair/Stare/Walk/Not Talk

Fire Drill: Silent/Calm/Walk/Sit/Listen

Buying Lunch: Wait/Get/Sit

Assembly-Check Your 5: Body/Brains/Eyes/Ears/Mouth

Leaving Lunch:  Get the OK/Trash or Tray/On Your Way/Then Play

Peaceful Playground: Walk/Talk/Rock,Paper,Scissors

Earthquake Drill: Drop/Cover/Hold

Dress Code: Plan before bed/check the rules/look in the mirror/leave for school

Dress Code: Check your shirt/check your shorts/check your shoes/ then cruise


Bullying Definition-- The actions of a student are INTENTIONAL, REPEATED, and HURTFUL acts, words, or other behavior which occurs in a relationship where there is an IMBALANCE OF POWER.

Please know that the teachers and administration take "bullying" incidents very seriously.  And want to remind you that there is a difference between playground conflicts and "bullying".


SVUSD does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic group, race, ancestry, national origin, religion, color or disability in any program or activity. 





September 12th -Fall Pictures


September 18th- Computers available for parents from 5:00-7:00 for assistance with the Parent Portal


September 23rd-ELAC Meeting at 4:00 pm


September 24th- School Site Council Meeting at 4:00


May 21st Open House 7:00-8:00 p.m.


"Music Man" coming to Garden Grove for the 2014-2015 school year.

Music with an academic common core focus for all grade levels.  Craig Newton will be at Garden Grove for 10 sessions each semester. Lessons include: What's the connection between country and western music and an Irish jig? Where was the drum invented, and what music resulted from this? What was the 1850's equivalent of a rock concert?


These are some of the questions that Craig Newton answers or explores , as he carries the audience from the roots of American music -- English-Irish-Scottish folk songs -- to the present day scene of rock, pop, and more. To make the music come alive, Craig uses a variety of instruments including acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, banjo, flute, tin whistle, harmonica, trombone, and others. Using sing-alongs and fun songs, Craig lets the audience experience the different styles of music that make up "American Music".

Thank you PTA!

Garden Grove's Got Talent!




Champs at School (GROWL)

Get started with a positive attitude


Respect yourself and others


Offer kindness and encouragement


Work hard and be responsible


Listen and learn

Peaceful Playground

Peaceful Playground is a new program that was purchased with part of last year’s jog-a-thon money.  It has several components that have made it successful, and we believe that Garden Grove is the FIRST in Simi Valley to purchase the program rights.  Peaceful Playground is designed to put an end to most playground conflicts that take the fun out of games, while teaching students important life skills. Six key principles of a Peaceful Playground include:

  1. Teaching students a consistent universal set of rules so that there are fewer disagreements
  2. Teaching new games to all students so there are more choices. (Check out Four Corners!)
  3. Teaching all students skills to solve conflicts (walk/talk/rock, paper, scissors)
  4. Providing adequate equipment (new equipment has been purchased for each grade level)
  5. Providing universal consistent expectations and positive reinforcement for good sportsmanship
  6. Marking the playground with new age appropriate games (more to be completed soon)
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APEX Fun Run

Garden Grove IMPACT Academy


Math, Science, Art

Problem Solving


Critical Thinking



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Principal Feinstein

Principal Feinstein

Principal's Note

Welcome Garden Grove Families!
We are about to begin another exciting school year after a relaxing and fun summer vacation. Garden Grove continues to focus on the "whole child" promoting successful ...more